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"There's Nothing Better Than A Hot Scent"

Highly Effective - Affordable - Reusable

HeatWave Scents® Scent Wicks are used to attract deer, bear, moose, elk, or any other game animal into the hunting area. Our heat-activated scent wicks consist of a non-power supplied warming device, which means no dead batteries or dangerous flames.

  • Provides up to 130° of heated scent
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Easy to use & easy to pack
  • Reusable
  • Low cost 3-pack
  • Extremely effective
  • Apply your favorite scent

When used in conjunction with an estrus scent or cover scents, our product rises above our competitors'. Literally, the hot moist scent rises up higher into the atmosphere, and is then dispersed over a larger area.

The principle is that adding heat to a scent-wave aids in atomizing the scent, resulting in a much stronger aroma. This increases the deer hunter's opportunity to harvest an animal.

HeatWave Scents® Scent Wicks will attract deer and other game animals. These heat-activated deer hunting lures are guaranteed to make your deer hunting experience a success!

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Hunter Essential Pack

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The Hunter Essential Pack consists of:

  • 3 scent wicks
  • 1 bottle of scent
  • 1 deer grunt call

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