Jamis Gamache

About HeatWave Scents®

The Best Deer Hunting Scents

At HeatWave Scents®, we are passionate about hunting and we want to provide hunters with quality hunting scent products that will effectively attract deer, bear, elk, moose, or other game animals. Our heated deer lures can help you attract deer, and will hopefully lead to successful hunting and a lifetime of memories.

After using a number of hunting scent products over the past 25 years, we are convinced that the use of attractant scent products, whether masking or estrus, will greatly increase your opportunity to see game. That being said, more sightings directly relates to more opportunities to harvest an animal. We've also seen that heating attractant scents or cover scents greatly increases your opportunities to lure deer, bear, elk, moose, or other game animals.

We came up with the idea of using heated scents a number of years ago while hunting for bear in the northern woods of Maine. We found that bear and other animals came into our stand locations when the scent was heated. I won't talk about how we heated the scent or what scents we used, but I will say that when we used a heated scent our opportunities and game sightings increased dramatically.

This is when we decided we needed to develop something for the public and share our experiences.

Affordable, Environmentally Safe Deer Hunting Products

We have all seen costly and unsafe candles, smoke scents, and battery operated devices out on the market, and while they may work, we at HeatWave Scents® are aspired to develop user friendly, environmentally safe, and cost-effective hunting products that will help the hunter capture those memories of a lifetime. HeatWave Scents® scent wicks are low cost, non-toxic, non-combustible, scent devices that will lure deer, bear, elk, moose, or other game animals from greater distances.

Our heat activated deer hunting products work on the principals of science. Heated air rises, and by adding heat to the scent, we are able to intensify the aroma of the scent. This in turn makes the scent much more effective.

We hope that you use our deer lure products and experience first hand the positive results we have experienced. Most of all, we want you to make the most of your hunting expeditions, and we feel that by using our products, it will help greatly in your outdoor hunting adventures.

Thanks for your time, and remember to take someone you know out hunting so they can experience the fun and joy of the outdoors.


Jamis Gamache
President / CEO
HeatWave Scents®